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How can I matching the speakers with right receiver?


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Hi, I just bought a pair of icon wf-35 speakers. In the spec, it states 150W@8ohm. I also found that the receiver will need more than 150W per channel to safely driving the speaker. But I can't find a receiver with that much power per channel at an affordable price. Could anyone please give me some advice? I am using a receiver with 100W per channel now. I try to keep the volume low. Thanks for any help.

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Things are not QUITE that simple.

First of all, at what level do you intend to listen?

Also, 150 wpc on fairly efficient speakers is a LOT of power. Usually, a rating like that on a speaker indicates it's maximum SAFE continuous power handling level. In the case of cheaper speakers, that may represent the absolute maximum the speaker can withstand (a LOT different than the nominal continuous power capability).

I'm from the camp that states it's always better to have TOO much power, if for not other reason than to handle transient peaks without clipping (bad thing). Clipping can fry tweeters & crossovers very quickly. That said, MOST average folks never approach clipping on audio equipment, because it just sounds so bad (note I said MOST).

Let us know more details, like what configuration you intend to use these speakers in, your end goal, etc., you'll get plenty of advice (& opinions)~ Welcome to Klipsch!

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This may be a complete oversimplification but here's the way I look at this:

If you buy tires for your car and they are rated for 150 miles/hour max, it doesn't mean that you cannot put them on a car that's max speed is 100mph.

The analogy falls apart a little because if you crank the 100w amp too loud it can damage the speakers. But if you crank up the 150w, or 200w amp too loud you can damage as well.

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Thanks for the help. I only set 2 floor speakers with a subwoofer now. I plan to add a centre speaker later on. Mostly, I use them to watch movie and listen music. The room is 16' X 18' . I had a Yamaha receiver for 100W per channel. Thanks for more advice.

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