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no pleasure _is it the room or the RF3s???


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hi there

iv been trying around almost every option here

but i seem to be missing some real room filling bass

from the rf3s , as i hv noticed

them to be brighter than my tastes perhaps ! :(

its a fact that klipsch hv been clearer and louder and deliver more of the whole frequency range than my other collections

however i have to admit i am missing some real visceral lows that some equal sized speakers tend to deliver me

is it my room acoustics so bad or is it really the speakers

i was very happy with my bookshelves celestion 9

which hv a soft dome tweeter and a very engaging sound

klipsch is superior in imaging ,power and dynamics but not as pleasing in music

my room is 16 by 15 feet with a false ceiling at about 8 feet

and im using a vintage 45 watts quad 303 pre power amp and sony x33 cd player

the room has a 8 by 8 ft bed ,some rest is rugs

its a hard floor vinyl treated room

a huge 10 by 6 ft glass window with blinds on ,it is facing the speakers

can anyone comment

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if you want more bass maybe try moving them closer to the walls. that may have been the difference with the way you were using your bookshelves, they were closer to a boundary that helped emphasize the lower register.

By moving them closer to a bounday you may loose some detail, thats personal preference. I have my RF 7's 23 inches from the wall.

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I guess it depends on your definition of "visceral lows". Some of what you might be hearing with other speakers is actually harmonic distortion. Real clean bass can often sound almost as if its not there.

The apparent bass can be affected by the room, which in turn is also affected by speaker placement, which is also in turn affected by your listening location. Try moving both the speakers and listening position. I often move my listening position forward or backward (closer to the back wall = more bass). Sometimes this also depends on the recording as well as associated equipment.

Your room is rather square. And the ceiling height is also 1/2 of the WxL dimensions. In a room where all the dimensions are the same (cubic) (you are almost there) you will have areas where the bass is very robust, and other areas where it cancelled ~ bass notes that are supposed to be there are cancelled and disappear. The best way of controlling this is by avoiding it in the first place by having a room with non-parallel surfaces, convex curved surfaces, and proper room proportions such as a ratio of 1:1.26:1.59

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I run a pair of RF-3's in a 17'x18' room with no complaints for a lack of bass. This wasn't always so.....when I first got the RF-3's I was using a low wattage amp that didn't do the 3's justice and was force to add a sub to supplement the bottom end. I recently purchase a HK 3490 receiver and hello bass. The HK 3490 is good solid receiver with some decent power and nice features that definitely fit the bill in my situation (2.1 setup). I still have the sub hooked up but mainly use it for movies. The 3's are bright for sure but I think with the right/more powerful amp and placing them closer to the wall, your RF-3's can still "Git-ur-done".

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So has changing placement restored the bass? (I just got my first pair of Klipsch, and I have never had a speaker that was so fussy about placement to get bass response. I almost returned them, but when I finally tried the corner thing it was all there. And it wasn't boomy, a pleasant surprise, but dry and tight. I'm using way less power than your quad, too, so definitely give it a try. The only other speaker I've owned that was this dependant on proximity to room boundaries was an M&K sub.)

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ski bum

im glad someone has similar issues here


im now placing my speakers out in the living room wch is about 18x17 with high roof

so far that sound has not emerged wch i have always dreamed from a speaker

a sweet mellowy rounded and detailed one with a velvety highs and engaging lows

im using a stupid amplifier out here for the living room

its a sony TA-AV 570 PROLOGIC (wch throws 80 watts stereo ways)

the cabling and interconnects all have been junk here

my main focus was in my bedroom where i keep my goodies(good cables,better amp,quad i mean and better cd player)

and yes dear im not playing great sources here too

the klipsch are now suffering from mp3 playback,lolz

that sure adds insult to injury

u hv been right as bass does increase in corners ,but iv moved out of that as it

compromises the sound

the low notes muffle the delicacies and eat up the detail too

im going to get a marantz 2230 vintage from the market

lets see wot it does

heard a few people good reviews on that old prince


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i changed positions

keeping the RF3s 1.5 feet away from the rear walls

the bass responce gets visceral as i go downstairs ,lolz,

i mean mid ways down the stairs(the speakers are in the upper living room)

but u know thats terrible,as i cant sit there to have the bass of my liking

and no highs nor imaging as i wud be sitting way out of axis , and in the stairs too,lolz

i figure klipsch are not meant to sound visceral ,they have a live taste

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I searched and found that you haven't liked the RF-3s since you got them and suggest you upgrade....Fwiw, the RF-3s are good Mains as long as you have a subwoofer take up the lower end. That being said, they don't compare to the RF-7 but are excellent side surround speakers. [Y]


i figure klipsch are not meant to sound visceral ,they have a live taste

Fwiw, the Klipsch Home Theater I have listed in my Signature sounds both Live and Visceral! [:P]

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