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Stupid Question #34,448...How does one split a preamp output to apair of power amps?


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Perhaps this won't be an issue for you but realize that if you connect the inputs of the amps together, via this "Y" adpater it's possible to have a problem.

What happened to me is, I had a solid state amp as well as a tube amp on each leg of this splitter. As it turned out, when turning the amp off, the tube amp let go of some DC current OUT of the input. Normally, this is evidently not an issue as this small current goes back to the preamp and is blocked or something (over my head)

Since however, I had it attached to another amp, that little DC current followed my adapter and became part of the input signal to my solid state amp.

What happened wasn't a major deal in my situation. I discovered that if I had both amps on and turned the tube amps off (while keeping the SS amp on), the SS amp would immediately go into protection mode. If I first turned the SS amp off, I could turn the tube amps on/off all I wanted and never had a problem.

Once the protection circuit did its thing, I also had no more issues with the solid state amp.

It was quite the puzzler for me trying to figure out why my SS amp kept kicking into protection mode. It was our Mr. Deneen that was intrigued by this and ultimately figured it out. It was that silly little "Y" adpater that allowed this to happen.

All of that to simply say, be aware of any issues you might have in your system. It's possible it's created by the splitter.

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