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What section to ask a music management software question?


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Ok, here goes, I have alot of music some in different formats and in many different folders. I just bought a portable hard drive and would like to put all of the music in one folder, have it organized, and be able to play the music on my Ipod. Is there a web site that will instruct me in how to do this or do you have to buy software.I have looked on the internet and it's hard to tell what direction to go or what product to go with. I thought I would ask here and maybe someone with hands on experience in what works well and what to stay away from might offer some advice.


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Some of the formats are WMA some MP3. I'm not concerned with compressing as I have an 880 gig hard drive. I would like to be able to put all the files in one music folder and have them catagorized. I would like to have all of them loaded into itunes for my ipod. Also I will need to be able to rename some of them so they would be filed correctly and I will need to rename before I transfer to itunes. There is one format that wont load automatically into itunes ( can't remember what it is right now), it goes straight to Windows media player so I will need to some how retag or convert those files so itunes accepts it.

Thanks Jack.

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I don't know your computer proficiency, so I'm going to spell it out in the simplest of terms. It's not meant as an insult; here ya go:

  1. Download and install the latest itunes (skip this if you already have it)
  2. Create a folder on your external HD and call it "Music"
  3. Launch itunes
  4. go to Edit > Preferences
  5. go to the "Advanced" tab
  6. At the top of that screen it says "iTunes Media Folder Location" and has a "change" button to the right. Click "change"
  7. Browse to the folder created in step 2 on your external hard drive and click the "select folder" button
  8. The iTunes media folder location should now look like "D:\music\" ..D is the drive letter for my external, it may be different for yours.
  9. Make sure "keep itunes media folder organized" and "copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library" are both checked
  10. Click the "ok" button
  11. Browse to the location where your music is currently stored (my documents > my music, i assume?) and resize the itunes and explorer windows so you can see both, side by side.
  12. select all of your music in windows explorer (ctrl-a) and left-click + drag over to the left side of itunes where it says "library" and lists music, movies, etc.
  13. It should analyze the music, and once it encounters wma files you will be asked if you want to convert them to mp3 format or not.
  14. After that it will beging the copying and organizing of the files onto your external drive.
  15. You may have to go in and manually edit some files if the embedded data within your music files is missing or incomplete
  16. Easiest way to do this is sort your music in itunes by artist and/or album ..anything not properly tagged will usually show up blank when sorted.
  17. Right Click >Get info , and edit as needed. Once the information is corrected, iTunes will reorganize into the proper folder/file structure.
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