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My amps make a loud "POP" when any bathroom / kitchen / Bedroom fan is switched on or off???


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The simple fix, if you're handy with a soldering iron, is to solder a .1 uf Class Y2 suppression cap across the switch contacts (hot to neutral) of your amps (basically, it will be across the primary of the power transformer). That should take care of any arc type transient coming in on the power line when the light switches are thrown.

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I am dealing with the same problem, but mine came with a different house on a different floor(as in it only happens on that floor). I even had a electrician out to check out the problem(no cost to me the company that built the house flipped the bill). But everything was working according and yes I tried all of the above. We changed circuits, phase's, grounds removing and adding. Nothing seemed to help. His recommendation was to run a complete new circuit just for that system, the home building company will not pay for this, so when my cousin comes up in a couple of months I will give this a try. Sounds like yours could be the first switch in the circuit, I would start there. Good luck.


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