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In wall recommendations?


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I currently have an 7.1 dedicated home theater with rf7, rc7, rs7 rear sides and sf8.5 rears.

I am hoping there is a good in wall that may replace the sf8.5's in the rear wall. I need the room the speakers currently take up.

I have never dealt with or looked at in walls so I know nothing about them. I would like to find if there are so that will at least sound as good if not better.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Get a pair of R-5650-S's and don't look back. Easily the best in-wall surrounds I've ever heard. Actually, they're the only effective in-wall surrounds I've ever heard. I have them in my Family Room Theater and they sound phenominal! Outstanding presentation of ambience and hardcore surround effects that works fantastic with soundtrack and multi-channell music. My room is 23'L x 13 1/2'W and I have them placed at the back not the sides. Sound hoovers well into the middle of the room, and across the ceiling with suprising bass. Using R-5800-W's up front for (L/C/R) there are no audio gaps from front to back. Even with one side of the room open to another 23' X 13 1/2 room, it's flatout seemless.

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