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Leaving for Germany/ System Pics


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I'm leaving for Germany tomorrow afternoon because of the death of my Uncle on my Mother's side. I'll be gone until the 28th and will miss the Klipsch Forum/members. Y'all be good.

Since everyone was so gracious taking the time to teach me how to post pictures -- I thought I would attach some jpegs of my listening room & system.

Many thanks to Mobile and Mdeneen for all the great posts regarding tube amps.



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Just decided to drop by and see what's up. Glad I did. Nice system, deang. Know youre excited getting all that new gear! The amp looks great.

Have you tried moving your speakers farther apart? If you bring them a bit farther out from the back wall and about 20 inches or so father apart (experiment), you might be very surprised at the increase in depth and width of your soundstage.

Nice looking stuff, though. Congratulations! Sorry about the family matters, however.


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So far just the stock Chinese KT-88's, Sovtek 6922's, and them other two - what the hell are they - can't remember - I'd have to go upstairs and look. Doesn't matter -- I'll be rolling the tubes next month. At any rate, sounds perty good.

Kelly -- My listening position is 11 feet from the front of the speakers. I have them 5 1/2 feet apart for that reason. Two feet from the back wall and two feet in from each side wall. Any closer and I could quit using headphones Smile.gif

Think I should still spread them out??



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Sorry to hear of your loss.

On the speaker front I would most defenitly try spreading them apart and then play with tow in slightly. I found that it really help the sound stage to get them apart at least 8' and 10' or more would probably be even better. But it looks like you room would need a jack hammer to go much more than 10' LOL.

Enjoy your trip



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Yes, I would try to get them farther apart, definitely, especailly considering how far away you are from them. You could actually stand to have them about 3' out from the wall which will increase a sense of depth with the soundstage. Also, you dont want the distances the same from the rear wall as the side walls. You are actually too far back given your speakers distance apart. You are going to notice a HUGE difference moving them farther apart and out from the wall; I promise you this. Be precise with your measurements here. If the speakers were around 7.5 feet apart and three feet out, try moving your chair in to about 8 - 9 feet and see what you think. Horns do help with room reflections.

It is important to get the speakers an equal distance from your ears. Be exacting here.

Also, try to be more careful with your wiring. Sep all power cables from IC and speaker wire. Also, I would bring your speaker cables out and back in to the terminals, not letting them coil across each other. Personally, I left my speaker cables off the carpeting and have found this makes a subtle difference. Many in here, once again, will scratch their heads. Let them. Try it.

The change in speaker positioning will make DRAMATIC differences in the sound, although I find this more true with regular speakers. Still, you will be rewarded here.


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let me also add my condolences.

I don't know where you'll end up in Germany, but if the situation permits and you feel like experiencing Klipsch the German way, just drop me a line.

BTW: Forget about those garage sales and cheap Telefunken/Siemens etc - chances are that somebody elso was there before you Biggrin.gif

Have a safe journey.


Once you are in Germany you can also call me on 0201-281270



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Alternative system:

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looks nice! Smile.gif



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A technical help site created by me and my fellow Klipschers

I am an amateur, if it is professional;

ProMedia help you want email Amy or call her @ 1-888-554-5665 or for an RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

Klipsch Home Audio help you want, email support@klipsch.com or call @ 1-800-KLIPSCH

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Those are RF-X?

If I was driving down your street, and was looking at those attic windows, I would never expect to see a nice system in there, just old cloths and spiders.

Is the tube amp for Klipsch and the Bryston for the Sennhiser's!


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Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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