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VTF-2 or PW2200


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I have not heard the VTF-2, but I have the PW2200 and it is a great unit. I have it matched up with Forte II mains, Academy center, 2-pr KG 1.2s for surround/rear center and it is outstanding. Good punchy bass for either music or HT. Can't go wrong with it. BTW, what price can you get one for? Mine ended up at near full retail from CA, but if you can get it for below $700, go for it

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Hmm close call here,both are inexpensive and both have serious bass output.The Paradigm will dig deeper and its a better music sub.

At the same price the Paradigm is the better value.Get the Paradigm.

Make no mistake the VTF-2 is a very close second place,it has serious output down to 30Hz,the Paradigm takes the crown from 25Hz down.

The Paradigm is a better quality unit,I never liked the HSU fit and finish.

Overall as you have guessed the Paradigm gets my vote.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Both subs were tested by Tom Nousaine and the PW2200 had more outout from 25 hz up but at 20 hz the HSU VTF-2 ran the show.

I don't have the exact specs as most my stuff is in storage untill my home is built.

Tom Nousaine has tested the PW 2200 twice. Both times 25 hz. and up were the same but 20 hz output was not. I think the first test had output on the PW 2200 at 91 db 20 hz and the second yeilded something like 84 db 20 hz and 104 at 25 hz , 107 max and peaks somewhere around 112 db.

The HSU did 93 db at 20 hz and 99 at 25 with about 104 or 105 db max output.

I have a PW 2200 and it is a good sub. I have had a Velodyne HGS 12 and it did seem to extend much deeper. I have thought about the HSU a few times to extend to that low bass for a low price. I think that, for me, I would have to go for an SVS CS-Ultra next time.

Like the Ears says, Both are a very good choice.

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Great job. You will certainly have a great time with the 2200. If you haven't set it up yet, I'd recommend lugging the beast into your listening chair then move around the room to find a "sweet spot." When you do, that is a good location for the sub. I found mine along a wall, but not in a corner. Enjoy!

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The best location is often alongside the front wall,all my subs are alongside the main wall(in both rooms).All sound great


A great choice to be sure,even the resident mayo master Seb who won the world aclaimed Dr Montigue FishHead award likes his Paradigm 2200. Wink.gif

A wise selection

Enjoy your new sub

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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I am very happy with the way it sounds. this thing kicks *** or it at least it does to me.

Does anyone know if I should split the line in cable going to the sub or just leave it as a mono going in? I see a lot of set-ups where they have a Y connector at the end.

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RB-3 II Backs

All Straight Wire cable connections.

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Splitting the cabvle into the sub will provide a 6db gain and as such is recomended. Also if your using it for 2 channel audio in addition to HT don't be afraid to:

1 - Run speaker wires from you main outs directly to the sub. Share the main outs with your main speakers.

2 - Then simply adjsut the crossover to take over from where your mains leave off (or start to roll off).

3 - Adjust the volume so it blends and does not overpower the mains

4 - use the recievier setup with a rat shack SPL to adjust the sub for HT

5 - Kisck back and perfevtly blended two channel with sub and also great HT without any tweeking when switching back and forth.





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