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Low Frequency Extension?

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the reason the low frequency extension is not part of the initial specs is because of the way the tests are administered.

The FR tests are ran in an anechoic chamber (ie no echos), this gives them the number that's listed above (86Hz) but low frequency extension is what is most likely probable, with in room boundary gain.

When a given speaker is placed in a room with boundaries such as walls and corners a speaker will typically produce frequencies lower than what the specs define, do to room gain,the numbers (64hz) is probably typical but could be higher or lower depending on speaker placement.

The reason you get the boundary gain is because of how low frequency sound waves are affected by .....boundaries. Low frequencies can "load" up by using surfaces they are close to.

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Although this isn't always the case, the stated frequency response is an accuracy specification and therefore its purpose is to establish just that, rather than reflect the useable bandwidth of the system. Plus or minus 3 dB is a typical tolerance window, although it's not unusual to see a variety of others. An accuracy specification isn't very accurate at capturing the useable bandwidth of the system (particualrly low frequency extension), because output as much as 10 dB down is still considered audible. For this reason, the low frequency extension is usually broken out separately.


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