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converting a RF 35 to center channel

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Hello everyone. Happy Easter!

Yesterday I picked up a pair of RF-35 towers for a very cheap price due to the fact two of the drivers in one of the towers are blown due to violent multiple impacts. The other tower is in good condtion. One driver with some cosmetic damage but works perfect...I need help with your thoughts..

I was thinking of modifying the baffle board on one of the 35's to make a center channel speaker. After putting much thought into it. It can be done with no cost. Although the draw back is I wont have a grill for it. All I need to do is cut out a 7" circle for the d river ..spacing it so the two drivers and the horn are cemetric to the enclosure. Then I will have to figure out how to cut the plastic horn molding. As some of you know the baffle board is covered by a two piece plastic modling screwed in molded around the drivers. My question for anyone interestd in putting some thought into this to give me some advice....is :

1. how can I cut the plastic baffle cover to disconnect the horn molding from the driver molding..What tool could do this and make it look straight and clean...

2. Since I cant figure out how to attatch the magnetic grill back onto it I will have to paint the baffle board black.. Spray paint black satan ?

If anyone has some of there own thoughts on how I could convert this into a center speaker please let me know...



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i will say that what you are doing is an awesome use of ingenuity. I will say though, i don't know if the crossover would be proper for usa as a center channel. I have used a l/r speaker before as a center, not modifying like you are doing but just a bookshelf and it doesnt sound right. I wish you the best of luck though!

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