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Replacement for KD-121 Passive 12" Woofer for KG 5.2??


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I have a pair of KG 5.2's, one with a blown KD-121 passive 12" woofer. Can't find a replacement anywhere; $80 to get the woofer repaired; I was thinking of selling the pair anyway. Any ideas on where I can find replacements, or whether there are drop-in substitutes? Is there any market for the spare parts if I just tear out the good parts from the speakers? I'm really torn on what to do- any thought are appreciated.

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Sorry, you're right- it's torn, not blown. It's torn about 1/3 of the way around the outer circumference of the speaker. Are you suggesting just repair it with superglue or something? Worth a try if I decide not to sell these and if it doesn't degrade sound quality.

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