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ProMedia 2.1 - No On/Off switch anywhere...


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Hello All -

I purchased the Promedia 2.1 system from best buy a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed. After a couple weeks i noticed a slight buzzing during bass notes in one of the speakers (the one w/the control module) and became nervous so i had them order me a new one to exchange. I Just picked up the new one, set it up, and then wondered where the hell the On/Off switch on the back of the sub went? My unit has no switch anywhere, which is a bit of a turn off for me. I can reach my sub OK but my power strip is tucked behind a desk and not very easily accessible, so its fair to say i don't want to leave these things on all the time, especially with a bright green LED glowing at me when I'm trying to sleep.

I asked the Klipsch tech support about the issue and they said that there were some running changes to the ProMedia 2.1 and that this was the new config. Can someone please explain the rationale for making a system like this without the ability to switch the thing off???

I really love the power and sound i get out of these bad boys, but after reading about all the problems people have had with these and not being able to easily switch them off, its making me consider spending the extra cash for the Bose Companion 3 system?


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Hey ajl84utah, I'm in the same boat as you.

I bought my (second) set of Klipsch 2.1 Promedia speakers from Best Buy yesterday-- I accidentally blew the first set out within 3 days by plugging / unplugging the system from the electrical outlet each night before turning my computer off. Let's just say that's probably not the "recommended" way to power down these babies.

Oh well, the folks over @ Best Buy were great & didn't give me any hassel at all about exchanging them for a new set.

By the way, I swear that I saw a power switch on the back of the sub on the display unit at one store-- I checked a different store & their floor model didn't have a switch either.

I'm so confused as to why my system doesn't have a power switch at all & whether or not if it's "safe" to keep them on all the time.

All I know is that you should avoid simply unplugging them from the wall each night before going to bed-- that's how I killed my first set before "the new electronics smell" wore out-- ouch!!!

Can someone around here tell us what to do about the new models not having an on / off switch at all? Perhaps a Klipsch engineer can inform us why they deleted that feature altogether-- I'm so confused... [*-)]

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Welcome to the forum.

I have owned 2 pair of Promedia 2.1s, one for 5 years and a little over a year.

(I just upgraded the second set to a 5.1 Ultra set).

Anyway, I have always left my Promedia 2.1s on. Period.

I never have had an issue.

Yes... the newest ones have no power switch.

If you decide you want to turn them off, I reccomend a surge protector strip.

(Which is what mine have been connected to for 5; and 1.5 years).....

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the response Ironsave. I'm pretty sure that they'll be fine either way. For now, I'm planning on leaving them on & monitoring the speakers for strange noises, heat & other things like that.

I sure am glad to find others here that the newest Promedia 2.1s don't come with a power switch. It's very strange & I've even seen pictures of the back of the wireless 2.1s (sold only via the official Klipsch website) and they look like there is a power switch on the back of those as well.

It' very strange-- but I suppose that the engineers at Klipsch know what they're doing. If not, at least I have a 2 year warranty through Best Buy-- just in case.

I really hope nothing happens to them. They sure sound great!!!

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I just got Promedia 5.1 Ultras used for $125. (They stopped making them about 3 years ago; MANY amp issues).

I figuired I would take a gamble.... so far so good. There are fan mods; etc that I am considering implementing in the near future....

My point is, I am pretty sure (for the most part) the 2.1s are solid with relatively few failures compared to the 5.1s. The 2 year BB warranty is nice.

Good Luck and enjoy the tunes. They really are amazing for computer speakers. (A good sound card enhances this immensely)....


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OK guys, I got a reply from the Klipsch folks themselves, it looks like leaving them on & not worrying about them is just what they had planned all along.

Maybe this information will help others in the future when more people get the newest Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speaker systems (without On / Off Power Switch).

I'll let you know if any problems occur by having them on all the time...


I am sorry to hear about the problem you
are having with your system, however it is safe to leave those on, when they are
not being used they take up less then 1 watt of power. The new technology and
amp system it will not damage that.

When replying to this email, please include
the original message and all replies.

Derek Schultz -Product Support

Phone: 1-800-554-7724 Fax: 1-317-860-9195

Klipsch Group, Inc. Klipsch | Jamo | Mirage
| Energy

3502 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268"
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I have read a couple of posts regarding exactly the same question. No doubt they sound great! The problem on my end safety wise is the back of the sub gets hot,  even when not using them. Being near the tower they get hot also. Not that the sub is hot enough to start a fire but it's pretty damn hot to leave on 24/7 . Usually on carpet. And also i laughed at the spotlight that the speaker has at night! In my opinion i do think there should be a sleep mode or shut off switch to be safe. 

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I had an older set of these Klipsch Pro Media speakers and the back of the sub most definitely had an ON/OFF switch. Those speakers lasted about 10 years until I (believe) burned up the circuit board inside the sub. I just did without computer speakers for the past 2 years until I finally broke down and purchased a new set of Klipsch Pro Media speakers. I immediately noticed that there was no ON/OFF switch on the back of the sub. I looked over the sub & 2 satellite speakers thoroughly....unable to find a power switch I looked online and stumbled on this post. I can not believe these new sets don't have a power switch. I have never turned my CPU or speakers ON/OFF every single day, but every week or 2 I will shut everything down and turn them off for a day or so....and I shut everything down for sure when I go out of town. I don't understand why they would eliminate a power switch. Does seem odd that these things are supposed to be on 24/7/365 

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Two things ... 1) I have a hard time believing this only uses 1 watt of power when not in use. I simply don't believe it. 2) When left on ... the light on the speaker is so bright I can see it from another room while trying to sleep. It's ridiculous that I have to place tape over the light on a brand new pair of speakers because there is no power switch.

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Standby mode is toggled by pushing the volume knob (carefully) inwards on my brand new set (2021 purchase). It has a micro switch like a mouse button, the LED turns red after about 1.5 seconds and the subwoofer makes a clicking noise (i'm guessing it turns off the main amp and switches the power supply to low power mode maybe).


It boggles my mind that I had to search for this feature in reddit posts, as the manual DOES NOT MENTION THIS at all (neither the online version nor the booklet provided in the box).

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