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placing tv on center speaker


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i was in the same boat that you are, last year when i bought my rc-62, & i couldnt mount it over the TV, because i have a window directly above it.

i've had my 46in LCD TV (roughly 60lbs) sitting on top in my rc-62 since the day i had it delivered to the house. i havent had any problems with it so far.

if you do decide to try it, just make sure the base of your TV isnt larger than your center.

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I am really in the market for a new stand and i dont know if i want to buy one or build my own. Practical reasons for wanting to build my own are that i could angle the center speaker shelf slightly and also i really want to bring my tv down as low as possible but i still have to give my taller receiver room to breath. I would love some more pics of stands people have bought or made. I have a rc-62 right now but either way i plan to have a stand that accomodates a 64. Right now i just have the speaker on a small table in front of the tv.

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