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Let's see your sound Treatments


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Ok, so it seems that there is alot being discussed about the different sound treatments, I am interested in different types and styles as I am changing up my room, so let's see what your are doing or using. [:D]

These were made with Lowes bought fiberglass, layer of dacron (batting) and covered with burlap, frame is 1/2"x3" 2' square. I hung them from the ceiling instead of mounting on the wall. I want to make some bass traps up in the corners, anyone done that yet?

BTW this was when I had RF-82's and the picture is from my phone, sorry about the quality, need to take some better pictures [:$]



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I use highly specialized sound treatments only ! [H]

[:$] Ok the only sound treatments I use is when the clean clothes comes out the dryer the get put on a chair in the living room untill they get folded and put away !

The size changes depending on how fast they are put away, on ocasion we may even test a second pile on the other chair, testing is always ongoing. [;)]

As far as normal treatments go we use none, although there are 6 windows with heavy curtains, a big rug in the center of the room and 2 chairs and a thick sofa, the room is somewhat dead to start with.

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