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Need Help: Denon POA 1500 meter bulbs


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I just picked up a Denon POA 1500 amp and the lamps have been removed from the meter boards. "Snipped" off
IF anyone has specs on the bulbs and type of bulb I could sure use the help. I don't have a manual so after an hour of searching the web I figured I'll have to ask.
I know it's a long shot but "PICS and Specs/values" of bulbs would be great.
I HATE dark spots on the face of my gear.
Thanks so much,


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I have a denon POA-1500 in black and had the bulbs replaced about eight months ago. They have already burned out. I will try to find the LED replacemant bulbs.

Here is part of a thread from Audiokarma.org:

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Originally Posted by dr*audio View Post
The POA1500 uses a weird voltage lamp, as I recall. I can check the service manual when I get home, but I think it may have been a 24V lamp.
Its been a while since I serviced one but IIRC they were 28V/40mA.
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Thank You Bill for the info.

After I read the thread I did some local searches for the lamps but came up empty. Saturday later than most of my suppliers stay open. It looks like a monday morning project.

I love Meters!


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Still looking for bulb specs? I just replaced mine last week. The amp had a known factory/design defect. They released a warranty kit consisting of a complete set of bulbs, two transistors and two resistors plus installation instructions. Unless you install the changed components, the bulbs will continue to burn out. I purchased the unit new in 87. Ordered the kit in 92' and my system sat in conditioned storage since. Work took me overseas on and off for several years. Finally found someone to install the kit last week. So don't waste your time with the bulbs unless you fix the defect. I have the instructions and parts list if you want it. Let me know. Unit and the preamp (POA-1000) were cleaned and work like new now. Excellent amp. Clean and quiet.

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