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Klipsch HD 1000 or Quintet?


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Hi, I am new to the surround sound world. I have narrowed my search down to the Klipsch hd 1000 or the klipsch quintet. I was wondering in your opinions what the better sound is with sound turned down lower and higher? Will I be able to eventually upgrade to 7.1 with both types? Both speakers have about the same reviews on all the sites I have looked at. I am really stuck on my decision. Any information would be useful thank you. Also The only thing I have purchased so far is the denon AVR 1910 7.1 but this is not opened and can be taken back as well.

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Welcome to the Forums! I started off with the Quintet/ sub 12 combo. They are good speakers for there size but I found with music they just didn't cut it, they were just missing to much detail. In a small room they sounded good watching movies at low to medium volumes and I know you can buy them in pairs if you wanted to expand to 7.1. It wasn't long until I upgraded to the RB-81s and I have the quintets sitting on a shelf. So don't get me wrong the Quintets are good for there size, but with music they have no soul.
I hope that helps little.
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I doubt you will find people who have heard both in the same setup. I

personally haven't, so I will give you my thoughts on the speakers: Both will

probably sound very close and will largely depend on the speaker optimizations

and adjustments made on the receiver. Quintents don't come with a subwoofer -

so you will need to buy one separately. Which could be a good thing if you

wanted to get a higher end one. On the other hand - with HD1000 - you get a package

that was made to sound well together.

Yes - you can upgrade to 7.1 with both, but in my opinion - you are better

off improving the 5.1 system than turning it into 7.1. The difference with the

aditional two speakers will be very small. On the other hand upgrading to

larger and more potent speakers in 5.1 will defintely give you much more of an


As far as the receiver goes - it will work great with Klipsch regardless of

which one you get. I have the same receiver powering very large tower Klipsch

speakers and it does so well. This model has a very decent Microphone based

speaker setup, which will take away the pain of doing it manually - so make

sure the run the AudesyMulti-EQ setup!

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