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Carver M-1.0t Channel Distortion

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If it has been more than 15 years or so since the electrolytic capacitors have been replaced, then you need to find someone to do this for you (unless you are handy with a soldering iron and a o-scope). [:-*]

I see that the older Carver 1.0t's are now being upgraded/resold by someone that used to work for Carver. There are also Carver Repair links all over the web--the trick is finding the one that actaully is still in business and is accepting repair jobs. [:|]


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Does it have sentimental value? I think that the M1.0t's go for about $300 in good working order. It's difficult to get anything shipped, fixed properly, and returned for $300. BUT, I'm sure someone around here will disagree and give you an example of how they got theirs fixed for less.

Seriously: if you have soldering skills, you could acquire new caps (look the the values of the old ones in the unit, order new ones via Mouser Electronics, etc.,) and replace them yourself. However, there are no assurances that it will work properly even if you swap caps.

I still have an M1.5t amplifier and a C2 preamp (both of which have been dissed by members of this forum) that I bought in '83 sitting in my attic waiting for me to get enough "round tuits" to fix. I don't have need for that kind of power right now (and probably will not anytime soon). In '84, that M1.5t required service since it would not turn-on without activating the protection circuitry (it was in-warranty then and was fixed at the Point of Sale). I was, understandably, a little worried about the stability of the basic design after that point. It began to have issues again in the mid-90's. Electrolytic caps drying out are the most probable cause - and there are some big caps in that unit.

Presently, I use two Crown XTi-1000s to drive my two subwoofers, and these beat anything that I've used before in terms of flexibility (they have built-in DSPs for EQ, crossover, delay, bridging, etc., programmable via USB, and are rack-mountable). They cost me just under $400/ea. brand new. Of course they aren't the quality of the Carver power amp, but I don't need much since they're driving subs from about ~17 Hz to their 40 Hz crossover frequency only.

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