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PS3 cooling fan problem


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Hay all,

I have a problem with my PS3’s internal fan, for the past few months the fan has been coming on a lot more then normal and staying on from anywhere from 5-15 min at a time, the unit doesn’t seem to be running hot when the fan is on either. Is this normal? It seems to do it slightly more when watching blu-rays.

There is plenty of air circulation, it’s on a shelf that 6 inches wider then the unit and has 1 foot between the next shelf.

The unit is two years old and is used about 5 hours a week if that helps.

Thanks in advance

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I've never owned a PS3 but on most electronics, cooling fans will run more frequently and at faster speeds when there's an excessive build up of dust. It insulates the components and keeps the fans from doing their job properly. I'd try blowing it out with compressed air.

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I agree.

On a related topic; my self built computer's power supply fan stopped working. My computer would not boot. (Had to replace an $85 power supply yesterday).

I clean my components about once a month; (anything with fans). My computer; due to overclocking; etc. is like one big vacuum cleaner.......

Dust does trap the heat and can cause moving components to fail.

I agree; blow it out; or remove cover and vacuum. You might be surprised how much dust you find......

Good Luck.

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