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A hum has developed...

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A few weeks ago, one of my speakers - a Heresy II, was playing distorted and at low volume. Checking the connection, I found that the speaker wires were touching. Now, a low hum has developed in that one channel only. The amp is a low power, modern tube amp - a Jolida 102B. The power tubes were newer, but the preamp tubes are original, about five years old.

What have I done, and how do I fix it?

Thanks to all who reply.


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Have you switched the channels to your speakers to verify that you've got a preamp or amplifier problem?


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The easiest thing to check is the tubes. The good news is that it is only in one channel, so you can take one tube at a time and swap left to right and see what happens. If that doesn't disclose the problem then you might have a bad capacitor. My Mac MX110 recently developed a hum in both channels that was traced to a bad power supply capacitor. Good luck!

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I swapped the tubes - power and preamp, and the hum moved to the other channel. That would mean that the tubes need replacement - correct?

One tube or component at a time and you can find the culprit. NO mass changing makes it easier

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