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Full Set of Schematic Diagrams for ProMedia 2.1 System !

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Many thanks to Zortrium for the link to these schematic diagrams (which, by the way, are not offered by Klipsch). The link is: http://www.thompdale.com/bash_amplifier/2-1/2-1_bash_amp.htm

And here are the various schematics (courtesy of Dale Thompson; copyright protected):

Block diagram of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 System:


Interconnect diagram of Klipsch Promedia 2.1:


Schematic diagram of Control Pod:


2.1 DIN Plug Wiring Diagram:


Schematic diagram of I/O Board:


Schematic diagram of HF (Satellite) Amplifier Board:


Schematic diagram of LF (Subwoofer) Amplifier Board:


Schematic diagram of Power Supply:



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That's the site. My thanks goes out to them all. Nice work on disecting all these speakers for us.


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Mnay many Thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it. But the Promedia speakers that i own, comes with a SMPS and not a transformer. Could you please share the Schematic diagram of the New SMPS version of the Promedia 2.1 Speaker System. Your help will be much appreciated.



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Is it possible to connect the promedia 2.1 subwoofer to a home theatre? If I use a DIY repair cable and connect the orange wire (SUB) and shield wire (GND) to an RCA then into the SUB input on my receiver, will this work?

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I have a Promedia 2.1 I bought in 2000 and the subwoofer recently went out. The well-known cause is due to the current flowing through two resistors on the subwoofer board which overheat and affect the solder joints (C16-17).

Interestingly the schematic above shows 1000 ohm 2W resistors in these spots with a sidenote that 1W versions are used in early models. Mine came with 800 ohm 1W resistors (gray-blk-brn-gold) which measured about 910 ohms which is 15% out of spec.  I'm going to replace them with 800 ohm 2W versions. If I sense any problems I'll upgrade them to 1K.  

Attached is a photo of my scorched board in the process of also rebuilding with new capacitors, showing the original resistors. A fun project.  


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