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Preparing for outdoor movie


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has me revisiting a standing offer I have for some theatre seats too!

My brother in law bought something like 80 of these. I think it was an all or none kinda deal. I know he's trying to sell some of them. So, if your current standing conversation doesn't pan out **and** I make a trip up your way, I could always run over them with a steam roller and fold them up into the trunk of my car?

Are you still in chats about getting those MWM's?? I looked at them again yesterday, seems they're double bins? Are they going indoors? If so, will they fit through the doors?

Did you get many bugs flying in front of the lens or settling on the screen?

During the entire movie, I think I was aware of bugs on/at the screen only once or twice. they might have been fluttering about the projector and if they were their shadow did not bother the image. Over all, the evening was very bug free, even on us. Might have been because of the semi-draught we've been having. Rained yesterday and when I got home, I found hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cicada bugs buzzing about at ankle level in the field. I suspect it was time for them to come out and it's been too dry so they waited for the rain. It was actually rather amazing seeing the many of them buzzing about.

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