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Question for projector people


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Having done the outdoor movie... we've been debating on doing more of them and perhaps getting a larger screen.

Just to start at the extreme, I looked up the widest screen they had with the tallest material WITHOUT putting a seam in it. Dalite goes 16' without a seam


Looking at their truss system for kicks.

So, if you get a 16x27.6 truss, (15x26.5 viewable) you have what is essentially, a 16:9 format, right?

If you wanted to FILL this size screen.... what kind of horsepower do you need on the projector side? Will a home unit work or are you looking at something more professional and therefore, more expensive??

I'm thinking it would be cool to get something this large with a rear AND a front screen so you could have a choice under various circumstances.

Actually, this is so nuts.... it's 1 in 1,000 that it would happen.... but I've done some silly things before and the movie we had a week ago was a major hit.

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Coytee: Me thinks you may need to invest in a large venue projector in order to properly illuminate screens of that size. Large Venue projectors are the ones used in large commercial auditoriums, meeting/conference rooms and small-to-medium sized commercial movie theaters. Warning: They can be quite spendy. New, they normally start around $20,000 and the sky's the limit. Some utilize two bulbs at the same time to achieve their brightness, while others use higher voltage, high pressure bulbs; that's one, expensive bulb change when they burn out! Hopefully, you can find one used somewhere.

As far as finding a big screen, maybe use your own material and paint it with Screen Goo?


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Yeah... I was told I'd want at least 10,000 lumens so I looked up "10,000 lumen projector" and quickly shut my eyes at the sight [:|]

Beginning to think the screen we used at 14' wide would be plenty enough....besides.... that would free up cash to buy some more MWM's and work on an outdoor 5.2 or 5.3 (?) MWM system that would kick some serious hiney.

If I could only find some way to write it off....

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I wish we lived closer to each other Coytee![:D]

I have a friend that works for these guys,


who I have asked if he can piece, by piece, sneak out the parts to assemble one for me, or let me pull up a truck at midnight.

No luck[:(]

However, I correctly guessed that they have a leasing program, that I still can`t afford, but of course that means they get "outdated"models returned to them.

Hopefully I will get new bulbs for my two panny's soon and start experimenting with what I used to see for pro events, which is two projectors stacked and calibrated, to have higher output for a bright, but colorful display, even with lots of other light sources.

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As a general rule you will do better with whatever lumens you have using rear projection as the light is coming at you instead of bouncing back to you

Interesting! I would have never thought of it that way. Indeed, my thought was you get the image on the front yes, but...you have the reflected light off the back as well (some).

I can see where a rear projection can be problematic because you need more space to make it all happen. Fortunately, under the situation I have of doing it outdoors, it lends itself to the circumstance perfectly.

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You might just consider the hernia surgery for a long term solution

You missed Brutus.


You would have enjoyed the evening and considered it at minimum, TOP NOTCH! Yes

By the way, I'm doing it again this Saturday in the off-chance you are in Knoxville Cool

I was just being me, saw that thread, very cool.. Did you set up the second speaker or just listen in mono? also liked the seats on the trailer another nice touch.

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I was just being me

Better you than you being Marie Osmond....[:^)]

I only have two single cabinets so I stacked them as the double stack you see in the picture, listening in mono. Kind of a cool thing about having the active crossover, I can sum the input channels to any output channel as I want.

Just talked to my brother in law...he's changing trailers but, adding another row of seating for this saturday's show.

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If your purposes are for outdoor theater without a critical eye on video, you can get away with a residential grade projector. I'm using a $2k projector on a 14' wide image inside with light control, and it is STUNNING! In your application, you'd just be trying to have a good movie experience....not impress somone with the finer points! Look me up on AVS forum (Tony123). My construction thread includes a few screenshots at this image size.

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Ratcobob...intersting point. I mentioned that to my brother in law...neither of us understood why....so I called Dalite.

He said it was probably correct because the rear projection screen probably had a higher gain than the front screen.

Confused, I asked how could it "reflect more"

He explained that none of the higher gain screens "reflected" more... but rather, they had more gray tones in them and as such, gave a higher contrast to the white images....and it was this increase in contrast that gives the perception of more brightness.

I turned it around and asked, "other than the light not going through a BLACK screen, would it then be fair to say that a black screen might be the highest 'gain' screen made"

He said yes, that was the logic.

I didn't know any of that. I figured the higher gain was using a different material that reflected more light. I don't know how I decided it could reflect more light than was projected onto it...but I can get creative at times.

Interesting stuff.

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