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Best Sounding CD or LP in your collection...


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When my system was optimized for 2-channel listening (as opposed to HT), there were a few discs that never left my changer while I was doing the most critical listening:

Tom Petty - "Wildflowers", an excellent recording, with a great selection and variety of songs.

Sarah McLachlan - "Surfacing", her voice just makes me melt; another terrific recording

Daniel Barenboim and the English Chamber Orchestra: Mozart's Piano Concertos Nos. 22 & 23, on EMI (From recording sessions in 1972 and 1967, respectively). Some of the most moving work by a pianist and orchestra that I have heard, and proof that sometimes the older recording engineers knew what they were doing...

I would love to hear Mary Chapin-Carpenters' "Between Here and Gone" on my older set-up, but it is another recording that is transcendent...

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I can't get this cd off the player, i'm wearing it out, there are bits all over the place Cool

and wasn't really a fan until i heard this one, it is very good.


Oh yeah, I'm a huge kd fan. I saw her live at The Mondavi Center in Davis, CA last year (unbelievable acoustics), and I was blown away. Best concert I think I've been to.

I have a mint stereo first pressing (1A/1A as I recall) of Simon & Garfunkel's Bookends that is stunning. I'd really like to find a mono in decent condition.


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"Somebody in
Thailand apparently likes Moonflower. Here is "Jugando."
Fabulous sound quality for a live performance. I really can't think of
a better live recording by any band anywhere. "

That link goes to the album version, it's overloaded so bad it sounds like a typical live show. Here is another cut (not distorted) from the same album.

Klipschorns + 200W McIntosh power may not be enough.

A bar band, in a bar. These guys have been through Iowa at least three times in the last six months or so.

(They may be dead, but that doesn't mean they don't want to get funky. If this doesn't blow you away, you may be dead)

If you live in the midwest:


The above video is from Undead Live.


The live performances on Undead Live are better than the studio versions!

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