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Old La Scalas?


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Hi, all! New to forum. I recently was given some Klipsch speakers which were, I'm told, used in a school gymnasium. I'll try posting pix. Can anyone please tell me what I've got? There are two HF sections and two LF sections. They are in very rugged, industrial quality-type enclosures. The HF sections have a panel in which it appears that a previous user drilled out post connectors to install XLRs. The LF sections have both posts AND XLRs. I know I'm limited to one photo per post, so I'll start w/one of the front of a HF section, then a c/u of the HF panel, and then a shot of a LF section. I'll gladly PM more if anyone is willing to help. (Apologies for cell phone picture quality.) Finally, what can I use to power them, i.e., a stereo? a Crown amp? ?? Each enclosure is rated at 8 ohms.




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Those are "mouse houses"

animals like to make nest in them.

they walk in thru the front, make a left or right turn, then walk up a ramp, and find a nice comfortable place to live.

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Jeff, you can post multiple times in the same thread, so all your LSI (La Scala, Industrial) posts stay together. I've written extensively and posted spec sheets galore for these. Check under the first heading under Pro Audio and you should find all the info you need. I bumped a thread to the top for ya!


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Was having a hard time finding the mentioned appearance of Jeff, but here he is!

Glad to find this thread, because I was starting to worry that Colterpro was begining to make up imaginary Klipsch Pro friends!LOL

Of course the most helpful questions Jeff can answer for us is:

Where do you live and how much do you want for them?[

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