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Logitech Remote being "glitchy"


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hey there my fellow one button guru's!

i have a logitech 720 and for the longest time it worked perfectly. now i am having some issues. it seems a little glitchy and won't always send all the commands or even control some items.....sometimes. i am not saying the wife is a tard but it seems like every few days she says the remote won't work right. only 1 time did the remote do this to me, but i might have had it on the wrong function, so i can't be positive.

has anyone had this issue with their remote after sometime?

if it is the remote does anyone know of a good replacement? to me the 880 looks good. i like that i can have 8 programs on the menu screen. do the buttons on the 880 make a clicking noise like the 720? i was thinking of getting the One but it only have 3 program buttons on the menu, i would like more.

thanks again for the help.

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funny thing.....

i thought i had already done that, but i did it again, for "just because" reasons. after i was all done, the remote would not work right! i tried to switch modes (from "Cable" to "Radio") and nothing would shut off correctly. it now seems to be working right. didn't do anything special, i did actually put the power buttons on the devices i wanted off and when i switched back to "cable" everything worked right. it just simply may be glitches.

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