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Disks to demo your setup?

Chris A

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One disc I think is well recorded and shows off a system is Jimmy Buffett's 'Far Side of the World". An atypical JB record, this one has him exploring African rhythms and has some well recorded bass. Check out the songs, ' Autour Du Rocher" to plumb the depths of your lower range and "USS Zydecoldsmobile" to listen to the searing guitar work of the slide master Sonny Landreth on Buffett's cover of Sonny's tune. Highly recommended.

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Here is another one that I'll have to use as a reference disk

Hand - Deadroom Journal:


Especially track #5 - "Birth". The piano and the vocals sound just so incredible on here. This album is really very nice recorded. Clean and very detailed. It does not sound like it even uses any compression on there.

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I read somewhere (probably in these forums) that the pre 1990's cd's aren't as compressed and sound better than the newer stuff. I dusted off some older disc last weekend. Listened to the Pink Floyd- The Wall. Very good from start to finish. Lots of L/R jumping around and soft and loud contrast. 'One' by Metallica was great. The bass drum just pounded me in the chest. The U2 Live at the Rose Bowl bluray sounds great in 5.1.

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joanne shaw taylor Joanne Shaw Taylor

Simply some of the best blues rock I have heard in a long time. Great guitarist with an excellent band. Her new album Diamonds in the Dirt is as good if not better.

Bought this album after reading this and listening to the clips on Amazon.


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This thread has provided me with quite a few new "favorites".

After I acquired the two John Eargle "Engineer's Choice" recordings, I invested in some of the CDs that were represented on those two sampler disks. I found that the L.A. Guitar Quartet: Dances from Renaissance to Nutcracker CD and the Carmen Suite by the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, both on Delos by John Eargle, and really good recordings for showing off the system at concert volume.


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A new acquisition, and a Grammy winner last year: a real test of your setup with string orchestra reproduction (...does it sound natural, or steely?) + percussion (...crisp and full of big dynamics...). Very well recorded and mixed:



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One of the best recordings I've found on cd with the best dynamic spread from low (quiet) to high (loud) would be from the soundtrack from "Vertigo" composed by the incredible Bernard Herrmann and recorded in the late 90's by Joel McNeely. OMG those bass trombones will have your hair stand on end!!!

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