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How much of a difference is there between the RF-3 II and RF-5?


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How much better are the RF-5s than the RF-3 IIs?


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Projector: (Still deciding)

A/V Receiver: Denon AVC-A11SR (European version of Denon AVR-4802)

DVD Player: Denon DVD-3800

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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IMO, not enough to warrant the extra expense.

they are a bit smoother, with better bass response, and THEY ARE OFFERED IN A CHOICE OF FINISHES but they seem to use relatively similar components.

the RF-3II is the sweet spot in terms of cost/quality ratio, while the RF-7 is a significant (IMO) step up from the 5's.

It must be noted, however, that my comparison was less than extensive, and probably subjective, as I wasn't interested in the RF-5s right off the bat.


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