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Need help deciding on Sennheiser Headphones


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My Sennheiser HD570's have one ear that no longer works so I'm in the market for another pair. I know nothing about Sennheiser except I really loved the separation and clarity the 570's produced. I'm not familiar with model numbers, specs etc for headphones.

I mainly use them at my computer to listen to music while I work on design projects after the wife and kids go to bed. I'm not an audiophile, just want good sound and cans that are comfortable.

About my 570's:

  • VERY comfortable. I never got tired of wearing them even after wearing them for hours.
  • Amazing separation and clarity
  • Open Back system
  • Not a lot of bass due to Open Back sytem but probably were more "accurate" because of it
  • Paid $60 on Ebay a few years ago

Checked my local craigslist, not much there.

HD280 Pro for $40 obo
HD201 for $28.00

or I found a few on Amazon

HD202 for $14.00
HD555 for $65.00
HD428 for $34.50
HD515 for $42.00
HD350 for $42.00

Budget is preferrably $50 or less but willing to go up to $75 if a pair is substantually better.

Any suggestions?

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I've only had a few pairs of good headphones, first pair was Senn PX-100 then Grado SR60i. I have to say the Grado's were a lot better, like your current pair they are open air design and very comfortable, to me, I wear them at work and can last all day without any worries. You can look around, msrp is $79 but the bay might have them cheaper.


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I found a pair of Sennheiser HD555's on Ebay for $70 obo. I offered $50, he counter offered at $60 and I counter offered at $55 and he agreed. $55 with free shipping sounded great to me.

Also, Sennheiser will repair your headphones, unless you just really want a new set.

I'm not familiar with their warranty but I'm sure they are way past warranty. No sense paying to ship it to them, pay for parts when I can get a like new pair for $55.



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I've had great luck with Sennheiser in the past working warranty jobs. I had the driver replaced on my HD600 headphones, out of warranty. All I paid was shipping.

Guess it won't hurt for me to ask them. Would love to have them working again, truly great headphones. Can always use a second pair.

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Just thought I would update this thread.....I replaced my broken HD570's with a pair of HD555's. Honestly, I just wasn't happy with them compared to my previous HD570's. They were not nearly as comfortable and were slightly less detailed.

I ended up selling them on Ebay and purchased another pair of HD570's. Wow....now I remember why I have always loved the HD570's. Extremely comfortable, light and has great clarity and a good amount of bass response. I would HIGHLY recommend them for anyone looking for a great set of affordable cans.

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