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Resale value for Reference 7 series


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2 RF-7's - http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rf-7-overview/
1 RC-7 - http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rc-7-overview/
2 RS-7's - http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/rs-7-overview/

I am looking into purchasing the above speakers (used) minimal wear and tear and has been stored the better part of 6 years (need to check to make sure they still sound great) what should I expect to pay? The seller wants me to make an offer. What would be a solid range (low to high) for this used system.

Additionally, will this pair well with a Velodyne DEQ-15R subwoofer?

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Welcome to the forums. The RF-7 system is definitely a fantastic system.

In good condition,here are my estimates (others please correct me if I'm wrong)

RF-7 - $800 - 1100
RC-7 - $350 - $450
RS-7 - $300 - $400

If you can get it all close to $1500, I would get it. Offer low, you can always increase it. If he has stored it for 6 years, that tells me they are doing him absolutely no good and are just taking up space. Might be a great buy.

I'm not familiar with the DEQ-15R. I've owned the F-1500 (15" with 250 watt amp) and now the HGS15 (15" with 1250 watt amp). Velodyne makes some great subs. I've always enjoyed them.

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Well, those numbers were off the top of my head.

Looking on recent ended Ebay auctions,

RS-7's went for $510 for used, $650 for new. So I might have been a little low on that estimate.

Audiogon.com has this pair of RF-7's for $1150 obo and this RC-7 for $599 obo.

Typically Audiogon has the average or slightly higher than average rates since most of the guys that post on it are audiophiles or audio enthusiasts. Local buys like Craigslist you can really find some deals. Especially if the person is hurting for money and needs some fast cash to pay some bills.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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With those prices in mind, what other options are out there that produce comparable sensitivity levels?

Maybe we need to back up a step....what is your budget? The RF-7's were the top of the line reference line. Such so...they just reintroduced them as the RF-7II's. They retail at $3200 for the pair and the RC-64II at $1300.

The used market is a fantastic place to find some great deals on older gear. Heritage line is great if you like that style of speaker. I built my current system over time. Buying what I could afford, paying cash for all of my gear as I saved up for it and found great deals.

The journey and the process was just as fun as the end product.

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I'm willing to spend upto $2k or so on new speakers (currently) that'd last me at least 20 years or so, used not even close just due to the reduced lifespan I'd have them for (as well as the warranty on them no longer being valid). (I realize some speakers can last much much longer than that amount, but unfortunately others don't, especially when buying used I have no idea how they were treated prior)

I'd rather have something nice and last 20+ years and have to buy my system piece wise over the next year or 2 than to get something just to replace in a few years when more cash comes around. But I was thinking that the reference 7 series would be a good snag if I could get them for a great price.

I'm more into the tall tower type speakers than the boxy ones (for fronts).

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