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WT3 Measurement of Crites CS1526C Woofer, K53+K701, K77-F


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After getting the WT3 tester under Windows XP (it does not work under W7), I measured the impedence and T/S parameters of Crites CS1526C Woofer mounted in a Cornscala Bass Cabinet. My Cornscala Bass bin has almost same volume of Cornwall but with different shape. It is rectangular the first 9 inches of depth and then tapers like a trapezoid towards the rear. The port shelf is same dimension and postion as of cornwall. First I will post the impedence I measured earlier with my crude simple method using a known series resistor ans measuring voltage. Here it is.



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Here is the measurement of CS1526C (mounted in cabinet) by WT3. I did more than 10 runs at different times and the results were quite consistent without much variation. Re is right on (my Fluke Meter measures 3.8). The WT3 impedence curve pretty much matches with my crude method above with a few minor exceptions at a few frequencies. Also, the min impedence between the double peaks is at 40Hz suggesting tuning to 40Hz.

Interesting things are as follows:

1. Le is reported as 1.7mH (do not know at which frequency)

2. Qts, Qes and Qms are substanially different from free air specs (cabinet loading cause??) which are Qts = 0.2, Qes = 0.27, Qms = 9.93.



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I think all the measurements should confirm what I always say: Ignore the published impedance data. It's BULL $HIT! They are just nominal numbers that generalize what "category" they roughly fall into. 8 Ohms, 16 Ohms, 4 Ohms.. Yeah RIGHT!

I just got a pair of B&C DCX50 2-inch coaxial drivers. Their impedance is "called" 8 Ohms. The tweeter section is more like 6 Ohms and the squawker section is roughly 12 Ohms. I'm developing a Linkwitz-Riley crossover at 9 KHz for it. The design will be at 6 Ohms with a transformer to attenuate the two by 10 dB and swampers will put everything back to a real resistive 8 Ohms.

The midrange Zo plot is below.

Al K.



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