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What's a fair price for used La Scala II's ?

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The Klipsch Store on E-Bay had a mismatched pair sell for $2,600 last year. Someone on the Forum sold a pair in cherry for $2,600. Audio Classics has a pair in black for $2,900. But AC always tries to get top dollar. I would say at least $2,500. Wish that you were closer.


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Ok I am thinking of buying 2-La Scala II for
2 channel listening and listening to TV.

Room is 9.5-10 ft. wide by 20 ft. HOWEVER I
am only going to use 10 ft. of the room for sound

Meaning I am putting 2 speakers at the end
and 2 surround at the sides 10 ft. back. Sub will be 20 ft. back from front
speakers off to the side a bit

I have the following:

2 Klipsch forte II 20-25 years old

2 heresy 16-20 years old

1 Klipsch center 16-20 years old

1 Klipsch 15 inch sub 16-20 years old

All drive by Denon 5700

Thinking of using the 2-La Scala II now as
main speakers and using the forte II (updated by Critesspeakers.com
Will use the center & sub I have for the
5.1 system

Need to update the power. Thinking
of driving the
La Scala II with the Denon I have
and upgrade the 5.1 system with new Preamp (D2v maybe) and separate amps.


Will the 2-La Scala II work well
with Forte II’s.

Many of you use tube pre amps
or/and tube amps however in a Bob Crites Interview:

KlipschCorner: Tubes
or solid state?

Solid State. Thinking about
changing that answer to digital.

I got my start in electronics as a
tube guy. I was really glad to shift completely over to solid state.

So the question is if this a
person who deals with Klipsch every day and updates them and he uses SS why do
many of you still use tubes? Not trying to start an argument just want to

If you do not like the 2-La Scala
II with the forte II what would you go with a Cornwall III?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Looks like I had better order
quick the La Scala II or Cornwall III may go away!!

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