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Is this a good system ?

Agent Eagle

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Honest opinions here.....

Receiver - Denon AVR4802

DVD - Denon DVD2800

CD - Denon DCM270

Mains - Klipsch RF-5's

Center - Klipsch RC3 II

Subwoofer - Klipsch RSW12

Surrounds - Klipsch CS650 (2 pairs, offset to the right in the room, due to room dimensions, setup for 7.1)

The only problem I have with the surrounds, is the fact that the left sides are right over my couch, while the right sides are 6 feet away from the couch.

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Looks good to me. Smile.gif

Though I would have got the RC-7 instead of the RC-3 II.


Coming soon...

Home Theater:

Projector: (Still deciding)

A/V Receiver: Denon AVC-A11SR (European version of Denon AVR-4802)

DVD Player: Denon DVD-3800

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Mains: Klipsch RF-7s

Surrounds: Klipsch RS-7s

Subwoofer: SVS CS-Ultra w/Samson S1000 amplifier

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Yeah, looks good, especially the 4802 and the 2800 combo! I'd love to get the 4802 with the PLII, but can't swing it right now. That unit should allow you to set your surrounds independently, with delays and levels to match your system and their locations. I don't see that you should have any problems.

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I'd go for the RC-7 as well.

Also, why do you feel the need for an additional CD player, I think the DVD-2800 would do a fine job for CDs as well as DVDs. It even has HDCD decoding!

Apart from that, great system. I'll be jealous.


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