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Well it finally happened...


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Shure has officially announced the release of "Axient", which will be my first ever release of a commercial audio product after college. [H]

I thought I would announce it first to my Klipsch brothers and sisters since this forum has been a great pool of knowledge for me over the last several years. I've been extremely grateful for this group and especially the hardcore debates as those have always been the most educational.

Anyways, here's a link to the special website and a bunch of videos that talk about the system:

And then here's some marketing material of the entire system...I believe I may be the only engineer that has worked on at least one circuit (no matter how small) in every product, so I'm really excited. I was the lead designer for the charging platform and antenna distributor, but it was a huge group effort.


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Great news, Mike! Congrats!

On a side note, who would support me hiding all of jacksonbarts posts from everyone but himself??


Aw come on you can not do that some of them are just TOO FUNNY! Big Smile

Sometimes I'll see a thread that I have no interest in but read it if I see he's posted in it. Normally they're good for a chuckle.

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