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Rsw15 as second sub or?


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Im getting the RF-7s and moving my RB-5s to the bedroom.New setup RF-7,RC-7,Rs-7 and Rsw10.I want to add a second sub such as the Rsw15,SVS Ultra or Hgs 18.Will the Rsw10 work when paired with one of these subs or will it be overpowered and should I go smaller. My room is 11 by 12ft.I listen 80% to music both in 2 channel and multichannel and 20%movies.


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You should buy the SVS Ultra, and give me the RSW 10. Or sell it. Or keep it for another system. Or try to use it with that system and see how it works. Anyways, in pretty much any room, I think you won't need the RSW-10 anymore when you get an SVS Ultra...


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Take the Revel B15 into considerstion too,its a fantastic subwoofer.High output and blends to perfection with the system .

The EQ in the B15 is the best of any sub in its price range and did I say the Revel B15 can whip serious SPL.

The Revel is around the same price as the HGS18.I paid a bit more for it then the HGS18.Both are serious subs.

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Nope,the Velodyne HGS18 is THE cleanest sub of the bunch for music.The Revel would be close(very close)second and has a better EQ and a punch for HT only two SVS Ultras beat.

The SVS Ultras are the most impressive HT(can you say OUTPUT down to 16Hz with real power!)subs and still perform well on music.

When I move I will have a bit more room and add two SVS Ultras(or SS).Hey more bass can hurt,no.Well in my case it can. cwm3.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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