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C7 Frequency Respnse


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Just wondering... the C7's frequency response bottoms out at 70hz- is it best to place this speaker as a 'small' speaker setting and route all those notes away from it?

it seems hard to believe that, even though it is sealed, it would have that bad of a frequency response.



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I-man, i've found them pretty flat down to 50hz or a bit lower w/ my unscientific tests. Smile.gif but i cut them at 50hz only out of necessity because the adjustable crossover in my processor is global (applies to all speakers).

but like seb says you definitely want to set them small & not run 'em full-range. hopefully you have other bigger speakers or a sub that can better handle the lower bass. so unless your C7 are your only speakers with no sub, go small. if you have an adjustable crossover you can take 'em lower than 80hz but wouldn't go full range(large).


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