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ServoDrive Contra Bass Subwoofer


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from the review I read, it is very powerful, and can shake the house with ease.

however, it lacks in tightness and musicality. this is a sub better suited for nightclub or theater use than home theater. I'll take the SVS thank you! Plus, it's very expensive.


http://members.fortunecity.com/sebdavid - go laugh at my crappy website/equipment

http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Sebdavid - go laugh at my puny little DVD collection

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Seb---Lacks tightness and musicality? Not my impression of the Contrabass at all. Is that what you read or what you actually heard, I'm confused. I've heard the ServoDrives on several occasions, most recently at the house of the designer, Tom Danley. Tom had 2 Contrabasses setup with his Unity horns. The sound was as good as any I've heard until very recently. The Contrabasses are powerfull, deep and very clean, the best deep bass I heard until Lima and Edgar's Seismic. IMO a 12" dynamic driver in a tube is not gonna compete with the twin, rotary motor-driven 15s of the Contrabass. Now Tom is working on a huge horn sub for DIYers, info is on one of the prosound forums.

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