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Speaker settings all to large?


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A 3 channel amp would be perfect for your setup. I wouldn't worry with a 5 channel amp unless you can get a sweet deal on one. A sub will make a huge difference for movies, even more than your RF-7's set to Large.

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Definitely set your RF7s to large. Also, if your preamp or receiver allow for individual crossover frequencies to each speaker , set the center and rears to small, then experiment with the crossover frequencies. Generally 60hz for the center as well as 80hz for the surrounds. These settings are low enough to produce a pretty natural sound without taxing the speakers.If you do not have this degree of flexibility, just set the center and surrounds to small, your receiver will probably default to 80hz as the crossover point anyway, which generally works well.Next, consider adding a good subwoofer , and then finally add a good 5 channel amplifier if your budget permits, yes you will hear the difference. After all measures have been implemented, you will be rewarded with a very clean, open and dynamic soundstage.

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