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I might give it go on bluray I seem to trust youre instincts young Jedi. I cant help thinking Jedi master qui-gon jinn (Liam Neeson) as Hannibal Smith LOL got see it for this.

What's the quality of the LCR is there any good use of dialogue panning along with Foley effects and sound effects?

Do the stereo surrounds have good use of effects panning from LCR into surrounds and vice versa.

I expect the LFE.1 to be what it is does it stretched down below 20Hz or is it mostly within 20Hz to 120Hz?

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Wow, I'm in trouble. I don't understand a lot of what you asked. I'm not sure if you're pulling my leg or my ignorance is in flying in the breeze like a bad nondescript flag. Probably the latter so please help. I do have some real info though.

First your questions. LCR, dialogue panning along with Foley effects....surrounds panning from LCR into.....LFE.1...below 20Hz or...120HZ? Sorry JBL, I'm seriously in the dark and I'd appreciate some help. I love to learn.

If I have the slightest bit of understanding I would say that the Expendibles does a lot better job on the things you're asking about.

Also I offer is quotes from others. HT mag review of the movie...hope you didn't read it but you can always skip this part. "I can ureservedly recommend this movie on the merits of its terrific picture and sound., its demo qualtity featuring a stunningly crisp picture replete with deep blacks and punch colors...the audio will crush you under the weight of its awesomeness. It absolutely begs to be cranked."

I was distracted playing with my new sub and checking wattage effects elsewhere so so I didn't get all that but I thought it was good technnically.

HT did pan what I thought were some real highlights in the humor and comradery. They also thought it was convoluted. I watched it a few times so I thought I pretty much got it. Oh well everyones got an opinion. That's the best I can do. Hope to hear back. Nic

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Im pulling your leg or joking. When I play a film Im listening for lots of things I hope are in (a well done film mix).

The Expendables from what I understand is released in 7.1 8channles with 4 channel surround, rather then the usual common 2. Ive been tempted to buying it but there are two bluray sets. Id like to have one where it showcase the film as theatrical and option 2 extended edition without buy to versions (because I know where its leading) Milking! lol

Okay Ill take a chance on it. I was hugely disappointed with Inception (2010) it could have far more going in LCR mix but most of it was centred with drowned left/right making centre mix useless, what Im saying is I dont want enough crap bluray in my small collection.

Thunderbirds was the same it could have been shot in scope and used lots of crazy wild dialogue panning, but not many mixers push for that now its centre, centre.

I bet the colours are flawless

You must have classics like Indiana Jones temple of doom/last crusade or The Towering Inferno Star Trek V okay it wasnt the best but it had the most dilaouge panning going with off-screen to on-screen pans, not a great deal of, just enough.

So, if I see a decent low price on play.com for next week Ill order it. I liked enjoyed the TV show during early 80s. What was the show or was it the pilot where military police are chancing the A-team crew and crash their car in William Shatners office or bedroom? LOL Its a long time ago.

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I did an unusual search I didnt expect to get much from (dialogue panning in films) and this link was top of the page on page 1.


Mmm, its not a bad link reading though it. Maybe A to Z list of all films with dialogue panning a kinder of thread the list would take months to compile the data months there are literally (off the top of my Id say a few good decent several hundred) and I only have small portion of the classic ones.

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Yes, thanks. OK, have to get with my extended family for some knedlike and svichkava (traditional Czech dish...great) (may have slaughtered the spelling) but appreciate you putting your humor into context for me. I'll be back with a few more questions cause this is interesting so thanks again. I'm also hot on the trail of Red as this type of humorous retired dagerous persons pretext appeals to me, especially with Willis. Hope you're still into the discussion. Nic

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Its just a part of what mixes do part of the art that they hope some audiences can hear in their mixes theyve created over many hours month of labour. As for Willis DIE HARD thats action classic for sound effects panning and even the kitchen sink was thrown in but, miss and bounced out the widow and landed on the police car in the uncut version, LOL its got a lot going that one has.

Often I look at the imdb for sound department oh, Andy Nelson (sound re-recording mixer) THE A-TEAM (2010)


He's done a few good Dolby mixes in the past! X-Files had few scenes with dialogue panning in corn crop fields when the helicopters was chancing Sully and Mulder. Ive seen the trailer to The-A Team so the helicopter pans should be exacting and interesting to listen to.

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J, Thanks for clearing that up for me. Inception effected me deeply in that the concepts were compelling and emotionally moving...ok sounds over the top as far as a review goes yet I can't wait to see it again after viewing it several times before. I need to closure on the discombobulation it left me with for lack of a better description of how it got to me. Thanks again this has been fun. N

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I brought it yesterday as the price as dropped from the silly Fox overpriced £28.00 or so down to consumer realistic pricing buy one for £15.00 get one free I don’t know which one out of the bundle bonanza that I brought yesterday was free????

Why not buy one and shoplift x10 free. LOL

Its got a mild use of dialogue panning not a great deal as its mostly centre channel anchored. I thought for a moment towards the end was there a sly soft circle dialogue pan and (muted centre front) this where Face has key in mouth. The camera makes 180 pan but nope no circle dialogue panning SIGH. It would have been neat if the re-recoding mix team did that.

Sound effects was plentiful low when the airplane gets blow to smithereens with tank fall to the ground with single parachute was, just a bit over the top insane nuts laughable. Cannon shots thumped nicely on the LCR with deeper oomph on LFE.1.

The overall loudness of dialogue wasn’t unpleasant on my JBL Control 12SR LCR with each wired in active crossover on DCX2496.

Stereo surrounds was set with matrix rear back to give a little extra listening fun for the afternoon.

Metal and other objects flew around on one scene that had me looking left to right and in-between overhead for a few moments.

I like how it starts off in modern day with U.S. Rangers and how the team gets assembled.

The gags were funny and the 3D scene TOO FUNNY [:D] I wasn’t expect that and made me jump back in the cinema rocker seat. That was the best 2D effect ever better than Avatar in 2D on bluray!!!

The Alan Silvestri score was entertaining to listen too on the fast action moments and The A-Team theme on the end credits right towards the end had me turning the level up to +6db.

The film wasn’t too bad I’d give it an A-Team +7[Y] its not THE EMPIRE STIRKES BACK that would get a +10 know what I mean.

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