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What is the real SPL db of an Earthquake vs sensurround?


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The recoding medium often sets dialogue at lower level to con to fool us the sound effects are real LOL Between dialogue and some effects there might be 10 or 15db increase but the real thing would be many times greater.

Know that soft dialogue moment in Fight Club (1999) on the airplane. Then as one of the same person Narrator/Tyler look out the window WHAMMMM! That scene I just turn down its not cool on the ears the middle range will be enough to do damage to your ears its louder than earthquake on DVD! It only lasts for peak moment than gets quieter than smoothness out with (narration) then cuts back, to his, alto-ego seated besides him and starts to have conversation with him-self.

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to get a reference, dig a hole outside your house that is 6ft by 3 ft with a deapth of 20ft. Wire and drop down 300lbs of TNT and back fill the hole. Step back about 3 feet and ignite. Oh don't forget to set up your Radio Shack audio meter.

[:D] that work thou it would have to be conducted miles away from the neighbours. LOL where can you get TNT from? hmm use fireworks under a few feet of earth I wonder if that would still create a mild rumble in earth.
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