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Hi all!....................I have a pair of Klipsch KG4's with a cheap chinese tube amp(YAQIN MC-10) and this sounds way beyond my expectations and price.

As always..........upgrades are just part of this hobby and i have a chance to buy a pair of klipsch cornwalls (1983) one owner in mint condition.

I have been saving for a nicer tube amp http://www.westonacoustics.com/ to go with the kg4's but now wonder if i should inject the money into the cornwalls and replace the amp at a later date.

I have never heard cornwalls and am just going on users reviews...............also avalible are a pair of heresy's originals but again haven't heard these so hard to compare to the KG4's.

The KG4's have had new crossovers/tweeters from Bob Crites and sound fantasic!

Help me make the right choice as i sold the last pair of KG4's and was lost without them.............Hard to get older Klipsch in Australia.

Also.............what would i expect to pay for the cornwall in Australia?

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I would call the Yaqin inexpensive, not nesc. "cheap." There are of course better amps but I have had good experiences with Yaqin stuff. My main amp (re-branded as Grant Fideity) and phono preamp are both Yaqin built, and sound better than great (sublime?) with my K-horns. I would put my money in a nice pair of Fortes, Chorus, Cornwall, etc. The Yaqin amps are also easy to upgrade via tubes or upgrading some of the internals if you or a friend are handy with a solder.

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so the cornwalls would be a major upgrade?

Absolutely. The KG4's are a good introduction to the vintage Klipsch stuff but Heritage 3-ways are in a different league. If you really like the KG4's, the Cornwalls will put you over the top.


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Yes and also consider Quartet's, Forte's, Chorus'

Hi gzman,

First of all I have been lurking for awhile now looking for a reason to post. Thanks[;)] It was an accident I stumbled upon Klipsch.

I found a pair of Cornwalls about a year ago at a garage sale, $40. Of course I bought them, now what to do with them? A good friend of mine helped me haul them back to my place with stars in his eyes. Long story short I set my buddy up. Cornwalls, Adcom 5400, junk Hitachi CD player and even more junk Yamaha C-something (badly needed cleaning) pre. He was stoked, and it sounded OK. Certainly got loud with alot of bass.

My buddy has now progressed with this hobby. The Yamaha pre was the first order of elimination. As many of us my friend is on a budget. After some searching a decision was made on a Yaqin pre amp. I was skeptical being a strictly SS man but gave the go ahead given the cost. He wants to go all tubes eventually. Again long story, this man has the bug, hook, line and sinker...

The Yaqin arrived. At less than $300 for a new tube pre! WOW! to say the least. Given it does not have all the bells and whistles it certainly chimes for good tunes. Paired with the Cornwalls and the Adcom, marked improvement. Given my limited Yaquin (my pronunce) introductions, two thumbs up. Budget minded not cheap...

As I mentioned I stumbled upon Klipsch. Once that happened I became fanatic. I wanted to know all there is to know about this U.S. made product. This brings us to CraigsList. Another friend of mine HEARD what was happening in my home and wanted a slice of his own. The search was on. Found, Forte II @ $400. What we found was a pair of Forte's in near mint and gave $325 for. Now this friend has a very big listening room and I have to tell you the Speakers fill the room. All wood construction, 2nd floor, probably close to 2000 sq. ft. I am amazed as well as he is delighted the the Forte II. THE HERITAGE LINE IS AMAZING!!!

So welcome aboard my friend and Keep on Rockin' [;)]

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Hi Matt and thanks for your story!.....I had alot of the mainstreem gear,B&W,Dynaudio,Quad etc and although these are great speakers once i heard the klipsh i knew it was for me until a got the bug and sold my KG4's ............what a mistake as these are so hard to come by over here and expensive.

I brought these for $680 aud and i can get a pair of heresy's for $1099 so i'm unsure what the cornwalls will go for on ebay.

So now it's time to go all out and beg,borrow or steal to get these cornwalls as every man and his dog say they'll never sell their ones.

That's a pretty big call!!.............Happy to be with Klipsch and don't see the exit sign.

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I'm pretty comfortable knowing the differences between the Cornwalls and Heresy. They are not in the same league with each other IMHO. I use the Heresy for surround speakers, but would not care for them as mains...definitely not without a sub. The Cornwalls, make a fine standalone speaker.

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Yes the heresy are an odd speaker as without hearing it and the only pair i can get over here is a 12 hr drive(something to do)......but from what i can gather they were originally made to be a centre speaker and thats why they lack bass and the later model have been bass improved for use as a stand alone speaker?

Anyway.........2 pairs on ebay in Sydney now so have a real chance of bagging a pair!

1 pair has reached over $1000 aud............now unsure how high to go.........as i always say- "It's not about the money,It's about the sound"

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