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the goods

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You'll be hard pressed to match Marantz for music. This especially true when matched with Klipsch speakers. Having said that you should actually listen to the receiver in your own environment before you make up your mind. It boils down to what "YOU" like. Sorry but there is no MAGIC answer.





'81 Cornwall 1 mains B2 Crossover

'73 Heresy Centre

'78 Heresy Surrounds

Paradigm PW2200 Sub Subwoofer

Marantz SR8000 AV Receiver

Hitachi 53" RPTV 53SBX59B

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I would suggest you look at the OUTLAW receiver.

For $499, it's highly regarded.

Having said that, I recently purchased a Technics receiver that was part of a DVD-Audio package deal at www.vanns.com. The two items were SA level pieces, on sale for $449 shipped. The DVD-Audio player is very highly regarded, and retailed for over $1,200 in year 2000. The receiver is the Technics SA-8N that is well-matched to the DVD player. The rated output on the receiver is 100 watts/channel RMS.

Through my Cornwalls, this combo sounds exceptional.

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Does Denon's sound seem dull to you guys when listening to cd's? It kind of does to me. I have the 1801 and it seems flat in 5 ch. stereo. Will Yamaha provide more treble for a crisper high end? I haven't had the chance to compare the two but I heard Yamaha amps are brigther which I think would be the sound I'm looking for. Any feedback about this comparison?


the goods

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Let me also place a vote for the Marantz. My SR-19EX reciever paired with my Reference 3 series 5.1 setup sounds warm, clear and very satisfying.


Mike - Livonia, MI

Klipsch RF-3 L/R

Klipsch RC-3 Center

Klipsch RB-5 rears

HSU Research VF-2 Sub

Marantz SR-19EX receiver

Marantz MM-9000 Amp


Adcom GCD 700 CD

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Yamaha RX-V3000

ChorusII Main

Academy center

KG 1.5 rear surrounds

KG.5 front effects

KG 2.5 rear center (SOON)

SW12II sub

SVS 20-39PCi (SOON)

Warm or bright or in between or whatever this is, I LIKE IT A LOT! Clean & Dynamic!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike (The Yamaha Underdog)

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