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I have a divorce pending....


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since you're splitting things up...better send those big speakers out west for a vacation.

Shall I take my Stihl and cut them horizontally or take my backhoe and smash them vertically? [:|]

These folks require that everyone go through their 4 week training class. She wanted me in the next one which begins June 6 (less than 2 weeks out). I said I'll do what I have to do....but...didn't they have one starting in July also? (yes, 11th)

I said that would give me a lot more leeway to organize things and get down there....she agreed.

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Lets see...

Winter retirement home in Florida when you get old and cranky [:$]

Summer retirement home in Tenn.

Best of both worlds?

Also, Florida has no state income tax and great firearms laws. Thats the way it was in 1982 anyway.

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and great firearms laws.

I think still... but I don't know about the taxes.

Georgia has reciprocity agreements with most of the surrounding states, so your good from Florida up through TN, KY and IN.

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I came from a big company (5 locations nationwide), the location where I was at had over 200 engineers. Very rare for a structural engineering company, impossible w/o clients like WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, HEB, AutoZone, Walgreens, etc.etc.. They were exactly the same with benefits, Health Ins. (including wife & kids at discounted price), 401k (w/o matching though). I had 4 wks. paid vacation, and 2 wks sick time.... with the same ole, same ole, you don't use it, you lose it.

I lasted there almost 14 yrs., before I decided to go it alone. When I finally decided to cut the cord, I was very nervous and had the jitters. Tried doing all the expences math, which is impossible to get perfect.

..... Now fast forward to today,.... 2 yrs. after I left..... I couldn't be happier, and wish I'd a moved out on my own a hell of lot sooner. I lost money my first year, as expected, but I've already beat my salary in 2011, and we're only 1/2 way through this year.

Lifes what you make it, play hard and play often.

Good luck with what ever you decide, moving to a new place is always exciting, but carrying the boxes still sucks rocks.

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Glad you are keeping your place. You have occasionally posted a pic and it looks like a really nice place to live.

We won’t be selling our current home. This is one reason I want to stay cheap for a while down there. I am about 15 payments away from paying my existing home off and since we’ll be keeping it, I’d rather not have a second payment down there until this one is paid off. My current home is located on my wifes childhood family farm. I’m effectively stuck with it for the rest of my life or until she decides she wants to sell.

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