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Are Heresy worth buying?


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I have a lead on some Heresy speakers. Are they worth buying? At what price? These are listed at $450 Canadian. Are there some things I should look for or look out for? What are they best for - music, movies? What would I have to look for to round out a perfect HT with them? Maybe I should just offer HornEd a whole whack of cash for his stuff and save myself years of abdominal upset?!?

By the way, I purchased some SS-1's last week and the surround sound from them is so much better than the monopoles I was using as rears. Thanks for all your help!

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Heresy's are VERY good speakers and they are quite musical too. Any speaker good for music will be good for HT, providing it is accompanied with similar sounding drivers for center and rears. Although the rears are not quit as important in matching as the fronts and centers. Beyond checking fit and finish, ensure they are genuine Klipsch, closely check to ensure the tweeters & midrange horns are working without distortion and check that the woofers work too. Be advised the Heresy does not provide deep bass and place them near corners to enhance the bass response. Take along music you're familiar with to audition them. Others here may offer more technical suggestions for testing.




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IMHO Heresys are always worth buying at the right price. $450 Canadian doesn't sound bad. They seem to go for anywhere from $350 to $500 US per pair on eBay depending on finish, condition, and who is buying what on any given day, with the rare price excursion on either side. Buying locally can sometimes get you a better price.

I am not sure there is anything in particular to look out for other than the normal things: condition, sound, right drivers, etc.

They are good for music and for movies. But you will need a good subwoofer for either. Five Heresys and a sub make a nice HT system. That is what I have. Or make that three Heresys and the SS-1s if you prefer that type of speaker for the rears. And, A Heresy won't do for the center because you need the center channel form factor, you'll want an Academy, KV-4, or KLF-C7.

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Besides the look, what is the difference between the hershey and reference?


the m00n system

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RC-3II Center

RS-3II Surrounds

RSW-12 Subwoofer

Harman Kardon AVR 520

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Samsung 27" Flatscreen

c>Microsoft XBOXc>


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If you like your HT at reference levels,you might want to listen to the speakers before buying if you plan to use them for HT.

Some(most)Klipsch to my ears are a tad bright for loud HT levels,but I prefer the clarity they provide for music.

Just my opinion. Everyone has one,you know?


Glad you like the WDST's.Can't beat dem sprayers,HUH?

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Used Hersy's are a great value and make fine HT speakers. Having said that, you will find a sub is a must unless you use them strictly as a center and surrounds and they are matched with capable mains (Cornwalls Smile.gif). They can in fact be used quite nicely as a center channel. Simply set it on it's side and voila.





'81 Cornwall 1 mains B2 Crossover

'73 Heresy Centre

'78 Heresy Surrounds

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Marantz SR8000 AV Receiver

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