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Marantz 7005 vs onkyo 1009

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I've just bought a new rf 82II package (7.1), I've shortlisted Marantz 7005 and onkyo 1009 as options to pair with my speakers.

which option would be more suitable?


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Great choice, I am sure you will be pleased with the RF-82II system.

As far as receivers go, either the Marantz or Onkyo will be a good choice. The Marantz will offer a little more of a warmish tone to the music while the Onkyo tends to be just about as close to neutral as you can get. Both offer a ton of features and all the modern bells and whistles you need/want.

I know this, you can buy the Marantz 7005 refurbished from an authorized factory dealer. I don't think the Onkyo 1009 has been out long enough to buy refurbished.


Both receivers each have a redesigned faceplate that to me looks great.

A4L does have the Onkyo 1008 refurbished and with the older faceplate.



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Hey Bill i reside in India so A4L is not an option i believe, but thanks for you valuable opinion.

I already own a RF-82 pkg paired with Onkyo 705 and i quiet like the sound of 'em, none the less I'll try the Marantz this time.

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