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Best Bob Carver Amps


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What are the opinions for best Bob Carver or Company amps. I have heard a few, and love most of them. Some have drawbacks but I am still a fan. My experience is not all that vast but there is some.

Phase Linear 400: My first experience with Bob Carver. More Power! It is a great amp. Not perfectly quiet, but you can see it as a big step toward what he did later.

Carver M-1.5t: So far my favorite amp. I have not put all of these amps on the same speakers with the same sources. But this has been my favorite sound. The 1.5t on Chorus IIs is what I compare everything I hear to. My favorite combo. But right now, the M-1.5ts are hooked up to La Scalas and CornScalas. They sound great.

Carver M-1.0t: Great amp with a good sound. These t-modified amps are modified to sound like someone else's amps. I prefered the sound of the 1.5 to the 1.0. But the M-1.0t sounds great. Especially when it was hooked up to some forte's

Carver AV-405: 5 channel amp but I only use 3 channels. This amp was built after Bob left Carver. But it follows his previous designs. It has good power. I use it to power a center and surrounds in 7.1. That is three Heresys with 110, 100 and 100 Watts. They sound great. I hooked the three up and just listened to them. 3 channel music is great. Best sound-stage ever.

I have heard some other amps: TFM-35, Sunfire Cinema Grand and such. There are plenty of good ones out there.

I want to hear the A-753x (3x 250W) and use it to replace the AV-405 that I have. Also, the M-4.0t is high on my list to listen to. It is made to sound just like the Carver's Silver Sevens. And finally, the TFM-75. The TFMs are great amps, share a great deal with the M series. But the 75 has 750 Watts per channel. What kind of sound would that produce from even the most inefficient speaker?

Any other suggestions/impressions. Of course I would love to hear Silver Sevens, but I have tried to keep it to ones I might actually be able to purchase sometime.

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If you're able to make it down to Watershed Cabins in NC from 10-20 Sep this year for CarverFest, you'll be able to hear a little of everything Carver made:


Join the forum for TONS of info~

That said, the TFM-75, Sunfire & Lightstar amps are the BEST Carver solid state amps I've heard. His new custom tube amps are impressive & off the charts.

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