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Crossovers!!! AA, ALK, AL3????

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I'm afraid some capacitor on my left AA x-over has finally gone bad... so it is now time considering buying new crossovers.

There are different possibilities for me:

-buy a set of ALK x-overs. But I don't have the money and I'm living in Europe...

-buy a set of AL3 x-overs directly from klipsch, or second-hand if I find some

-replace the components on my AA set with new, high quality stuff.

I'm considering the last option, since this would allow me to do it "step by step", by first replacing the wrong components and later the rest...

BUT I'm slightly concerned about wether or not I would like the sound of a "new" pair of AA x-overs... all AA i heard so far where old so maybe their sound with new stuff isn't that good...

Al, what do you think about it? is it worth healing a pair of AA???

thanks... I don't know wich way to go!


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Although shipping would be difficult/expensive for you...You could just send your bad xover to Klipsch (make sure you call 1-800-KLIPSCH first and get an Authorization #) and they will replace any/all parts not up to spec for around $150 US.

Good Luck


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I'm with John Warren on this. I've replaced the caps in my Type AAs with Hovland Musicaps. The change to the tweeter was noticible and nice. It became clearer and cleaner. Changing the squawker cap was inaudible, but you never know 'til you try.

I was put in the situation of replacing caps because my La Scalas were mismatched. One had a K-55-V and Type AA and the other had a K-55-M and a Type AL (awful). I bought a lab built Type AA from Klipsch, but the 2 uF oil caps are no longer available, so they used something else. After a while, I just couldn't stand and replaced all of the caps so they'd both match.

Rebuild yours with good parts. It won't change the character of the speaker, but will improve it slightly.


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Shock-Late----PWK told Bruce Edgar he thought the speakers sounded best with simple 1st order crossovers, the higher rates in later production models were a matter of protecting the drivers from the various ways the speakers would be used and abused, a practical business decision. Bruce Edgar has been fiddled with and modded Khorns and told me they sound far better with 1st order networks. If I was going to get into crossover mods I'd do a 1st order thing. ALK should be able to tell you what the driver impedences are at the actual crossover frequencies, with that info a 1st order network should be fairly easy to do. Who knows, such a step backwards might give you the best sounding Ks around.

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I was able to obtain the exact specified values for the caps. I can't remember the cost, but I got my Hovlands from madisound.com. I used a 6 uF and a 7uF in parallel for the 13 uF squawker cap.


The Type AA network uses 6 dB slopes for the woofer/squawker crossover with no HF rolloff on the squawker, then an 18 dB high-pass slope for the tweeter plus a pair of zener diodes to limit power input to the tweeter further. The diodes sound awful when you reach their power limit!

The attached Type A network is 6 dB all around and has little tweeter protection. Converting a Type AA to Type A would be easy, even as an experiment.


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Thanks everybody for the input.

I'll go for the re-building process.

Are they less expensive alternatives to Hovland MusiCaps? I'm not even sure I can find them in Belgium...

my first intend is to fix my broken x-overs, not to improve their sound. Now if I can improve it...

What's the cost for replacing squawker and tweeter caps with hovlands?



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Dear Frans,

Crossoverparts near Belgium, exactly in Germany, are available from www.intertechnik.de or www.lsv-achenbach.de.

Probably not Hovland or Solen, but Intertechnik and Mundorf are certainly manufacturers of comparable high quality parts.

And by EU-law you can send the parts back until 14 days after receiving them.


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