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Cross-over filter KP-480 and KP-115


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I bought 2x KP-480 and 2x KP-115.
The seller said that there was an overload in the filter so the filter is partially burned.

Now I want to build these filters in original condition.
Unfortunately I can not find all the values ??/ measurements.
Is there anyone who can help me with the service manual (wiring diagram)???

Kind regards

Arjan van Geelen

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I have a pair of KP-115 SW, these don't have crossovers, the wire from the jack just goes directly to the speaker. I'm thinking about replacing the speakers with a Peavey 1508-4 Black Widow. It's 1000 watt speaker, any opinions on this? the Klipsch drivers are still good, but I think I'm beating the crap out of them. I really just love the size, weight, and build of the Klipsch box. What do you guys think?

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