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Western Digital WD TV Live Hub 1TB....thoughts ?


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does anyone have experience with these ? yay, or nay ?

I've been looking at this for a while, as it's cheaper than investing in a HTPC. for whatever reason, i've been hesitant in pulling the trigger. now that the holiday's are coming around, i'm sure the price will come down a bit.

i'm really wanting to put my MP3 collection onto something more convenient than going through my PS3. i'm also planning to rip my CD collection to .flac. I'll also be using it to stream pandora, & netflix (instead of my PS3). i love my PS3, but i cant deal with the delays when skipping songs, & streaming music from it is a pain on occasions (becasue of having to go through the web browser).

No plans to rip movies, or anything....at least for now.

if not, is there anything comparable i should be looking at ? i'm open to suggestions.

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