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How do I repair a broken terminal on my JBL 2404 tweeter


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I just noticed that one of the spring-loaded terminals gave up sometime in the recent past... the red plastic 'blew out' leaving red plastic chips and a spring in the speaker cabinet... one of the wires was left just dangling! Well, dang!

I pulled out the tweeter hoping that I could make a quick repair... well, apparently not. I tried to 'unscrew' the broken terminal, hoping that I would be left with a threaded stud onto which I could simply put a washer and nut and reinstall my loose lead with a terminal on the end.

Nope, the broken terminal 'unscrewed' all right, but only to the point where everything is turning.

Obviously, I will have to open the tweeter up to fix this... but how do I do that? I see that there are four allen-head screws that appear to be holding the 'baby cheeks' on, but other than those, I see no other fasteners.

I'm sure hoping somebody can help me with this...



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Yes, you'll have to prise the JBL label on the back off. They are usually just glued on & if you carefully prise it off you will be able to re attach it. When this is removed you will see the bolt ......undo this.......& you'll be able to get inside to see what has to be done.....be very, very, very careful of the diaphragm!

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