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klipsch speaker and the greeting card


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Yup gotta see that! Reminds me of the time I hooked up a tiny single AAA battery powered Walkman to one of my Cornwalls just to prove it was possible. Everyone there doubted it would even work. The playback wasn't really loud but certainly amazing for a tiny armband sized FM radio.

I typically will take the Corn's out in the summer just running off a Sonic impact T-amp on 8 AA's and a ipod touch streaming blue tooth to a tiny Motorola dongle for a afternoon.

Customized Sonic Impact 15w T-amp & Motorola S705 Bluetooth/FM receiver. (I plug a couple 8 Ga banana plugged Vintage Monster cables in those smoke stacks on the top) From anywhere in the yard DJ wirelessly With a silly grin on my face when people get curious how full bodied loud music gets out of that toy amp without a extension cord..


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